National Pain Survey

People living with chronic pain carry an invisible burden of pain, which often results in feelings of isolation and wishing others could understand what they experience. 

Our  National Pain Survey is currently live, and we would appreciate hearing about your member’s experiences of living with chronic pain or caring for someone with chronic pain. 

This survey is made up of short multiple-choice questions. Each year, we use survey results to gather a national snapshot of the state of Australia’s chronic pain in the form of a digestible report. This report provides the foundation for our advocacy work to improve standards of care for people living with chronic pain.

This year, we invite not only people living with chronic pain but also people who care for those living with chronic pain to complete the survey. 


In 2023, Chronic Pain Australia will run events during National Pain Week (NPW), from the 24th of July to the 30th July. National Pain Week 2023 aims to define what it means to be ‘strong’. For people with chronic pain, this can simply mean continuing to get up in the morning and go about a daily activity which for them may be exhausting.   

NPW23 will remind the community that connection is key to managing chronic pain. We will encourage people living with chronic pain to communicate with family and friends about their experiences to lighten the mental and physical load. If people living with chronic pain speak up and allow others to help carry the load, isolation will be reduced, and pain management will increase.   

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0403977855 or at  [email protected]  if you have any queries.