Preoperative Experiences of Stoma Surgery

Researchers at The University of Adelaide are looking to talk to people who have undergone stoma surgery to better understand their experiences and needs in the period leading up to surgery. 

Participants will be invited to share their experiences and opinions on the types of support they received, or would like to have received, during the preoperative period for ostomy surgery. The project aims to understand how people undergoing stoma surgery can be better supported during the time leading up to surgery, and the ways in which current models of care can be further improved to meet the needs of individuals during this time.

Adults who have previously undergone surgery for the formation of a faecal stoma at any time in their life and are currently living with a stoma or have since had their stoma reversed, are invited to apply. Participation involves an interview which will take place over Zoom and will last approximately one hour.

For more information on this study, or if you are interested in participating, please contact Matt Clark (PhD student) via email: [email protected].