Psychological services for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Co-Design of IBD Psychology Services

Our research team at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Deakin University want to hear from people with IBD about their views on psychological care.  Many people with IBD want better recognition of mental health needs and greater access to psychological support.  We want to hear from people living with IBD about what they want most in an IBD-specific psychological service.  This study will help develop better services for people with IBD.

Participating in this study involves attending a virtual focus group.  This is an online meeting of about six to eight people to discuss the topic of interest on Zoom (for up to 60 minutes).  Participants will be asked what they think is most important in an IBD psychological service – in other words, what is the “gold standard” of treatment?

Adults with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unclassified who live in Australia are eligible for this study.  Participants will receive an honorarium of $25 for their time.  The focus groups are expected to take place in the next few months. 

For more information on participation and eligibility, please contact the Principal Investigator below:

Taryn Lores

Health Psychologist

Royal Adelaide Hospital

[email protected]

This study is a collaborative research project between the Central Adelaide Local Health Network and Deakin University, with external input from the University of Adelaide and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. *Ethical approval has been received from CALHN HREC and DUHREC.*