What To Do When Stuck In The Bathroom

 Those of us living with Crohn’s or colitis are more than familiar with spending too much time in the bathroom. But the upside is we have so much extra time for activities!

Here are just a few ideas for how you could make use of the time spent on the porcelain throne.

Serenade your intestines
Ever dreamed of winning Australian Idol or The Voice? Everybody knows the acoustics in the bathroom make for a great singing spot. Why not put your creativity to work and come up with a love song to your colon?

Read the classics
If you missed out on that English class due to time off from school or university and therefore never quite finished Pride and Prejudice, we have great news for you! Keep a copy in the bathroom and you’ll be loving (or hating) Mr Darcy in no time!

Work on your zombie escape plan
Are you going to head for the hills, barricade yourself in a mall, or take them on yourself? Everybody needs a plan, so why not use your time to finesse the finer details?

Write some letters
Putting pen to paper has become something of a lost art. Your grandmother or a family friend overseas would probably love to hear from you while they decipher your handwriting. Just make sure you don’t call and tell them everything that’s in the letter before it eventually arrives!

Become an expert in an obscure field of study
The power of the smartphone means you can fit in some serious research time while on public transport, lying in bed, or even in the bathroom. If you’ve always been curious about ancient Peruvian artefacts or the truth about the Loch Ness monster, now is your time to shine!

Brush up on the news
If you are someone who doesn’t manage to catch the 6pm bulletin every evening, there is plenty of time throughout the day to keep yourself in the loop. If sports or politics isn’t your thing, you could always head to the Research section of our website and see if there’s any new IBD information out there!

Read shampoo bottles
Well, it’s the classic fallback isn’t it? Perhaps it’s time to move to organic, just so there’s some different ingredients to memorise.

How do you keep yourself entertained when you find yourself with time to kill?