Ferring IBD Clinical Project Award

This grant, offered by Crohn’s & Colitis Australia for the first time, will support individuals who have developed special skills in IBD clinical management to undertake a project to encourage innovation and clinical excellence in IBD clinical practice. The funds will be used to ensure the clinician provides improvements in a specific IBD service, by way of a clinical quality use of medicine or research project related to IBD care within a facility that provides salary support and infrastructure to achieve that goal.

The award makes a provision of $15,000 (excluding GST) for one year. Four awards were offered in 2019.

Applications are now closed

Enquires by phone: 1800 138 029 (option 0) or email [email protected]

The funding for the CCA-FIP award is provided by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

2019 Recipients

Professor Jane Andrews – Investigate the efficacy of adjunctive gut-directed hypnotherapy for patients with Crohn’s disease

This pilot study aims to find the effect of adding gut-directed hypnotherapy to usual treatment for Crohn’s disease compared to usual treatment alone, as measured by remission of disease, quality of life, mental health and adherence to treatment.

Dr Rimma Goldberg – Investigating IL-1 cytokine members and their receptors

This study aims to evaluate the role of IL-37 (a substance in humans that can inhibit inflammation) to see if it can play role in reducing dysregulation (harmful effect) of the immune response which is abnormal or excessive in people with IBD.

Sudarshan Parasmothy – Vedolizumab Immunomodulator Enforced Withdrawal Study (VIEWS)

This multi-hospital trial will aim to measure the effect of reducing or removing thiopurine medication for people with ulcerative colitis who are usually treated with thiopurine and the biologic therapy Vedolizumab.

Associate Professor Miles Sparrow – Concentrated Albumin infusion Prior to Rescue Infliximab (CAPRI) in steroid refractory Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis (ASUC)