Research Priorities

The top 10 research priorities for IBD in Australia have been decided by you and can be viewed in the Report or Infographic below.

To watch the live stream launch of the top 10 research priorities, please click here.


Infographic Summary

Project Overview

CCA worked in collaboration with The James Lind Alliance to identify the top 10 research priorities of people with IBD, carers and healthcare professionals.

We are thankful to over 200 people living with IBD, carers, healthcare professionals and clinical researchers who participated in the first survey, which collected almost 900 questions or concerns about IBD. These questions were formed into 117 summary questions and checked against research evidence to determine whether the question was answered, partially answered or unanswered by current research.

CCA are grateful to over 500 people with IBD, carers and healthcare professionals who participated in a second survey to prioritise a list of 56 unanswered IBD research questions. Two workshops were then held with 23 people with IBD, carers and healthcare professionals to challenge and rank the top 17 questions and decide on the final top 10 list.

Your participation in the surveys and workshops will help encourage researchers and research funders to focus on the most urgent and relevant needs of people living with IBD with a view to attracting more research funding to IBD.

This innovative project was developed by CCA in partnership with Australian stakeholders using a proven methodology established by the James Lind Alliance and being adapted with the JLA Lab.

This project is supported by Janssen Australia, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Australia and a generous anonymous philanthropic organisation