Fenton Family IBD Research Scholarship

This scholarship was first awarded in 2020 enabled by a generous philanthropic donation from the Fenton Family. The 3-year, $60,000 scholarship was awarded to the best non-funded applicant for a similar CCA opportunity, the Angela McAvoy Research Scholarship. CCA is delighted to be able to support another project to foster the development of a health professional or scientist in clinical research into inflammatory bowel disease in Australia.

2020 Recipient: Dr Rimma Goldberg

The newly established $60,000 research scholarship has been awarded to Dr Rimma Goldberg of Monash University and Monash Health for her investigation of Cell Based Regenerative Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The research seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanism by which the immune system of patients with inflammatory bowel disease turns on its host. It will then utilise this understanding to inform developing a treatment that uses the patients’ own immune system to turn off the inflammation and regenerate the damage that has been caused.