Strategy toward 2023

Our vision

At CCA we dream of a future that is free of Crohn’s and colitis. We empower people to live fearlessly while we help search for a cure.

Our purpose

We believe in being fearless.

At CCA we’re about improving quality of life by helping people understand, respond to and actively manage their care. We want people to be authentic and unapologetic about their Crohn’s or Colitis, whether that leaves them laughing or crying.

On our journey to finding a cure, our ambition is to empower and support our  community, encouraging innovation, advancing quality of care and facilitating new knowledge informed by deeper research.

Fundamentally, we are an advocate and an educator, leading tough conversations about taboo topics.

We know being fearless means there will still be bad days, bad months, or bad years – this is a longterm and life-altering condition – it’s about giving people the courage, confidence and the ability to face things head on.

Because in fearlessness, there is strength.

2023 ambitions

  1. An omni channel provider of support services with extensive reach and engagement
  2. Accessible fearless and frank communicator and advocate of information and education
  3. Data and evidence are core to our work and measurement of impact
  4. Helping in the search for a cure, we build research capacity
  5. We are a trusted organisation, recognised and respected by others, innovative and financially sustainable

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