Kids Fun Day

The idea for a Kids Fun Day came from a young CCA member who said:

“I’ve never met anyone else like me, and I would like to meet other kids who understand what it is like living with IBD.”

Kids Fun Day Melbourne

Date: 21 July (Melbourne)

Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue:  TwistED Science (36 Bulli St, Moorabbin VIC 3189)

In response, CCA’s Kids Fun Day pilot event held in May 2019 was an outstanding success. To our knowledge this was the first event of its kind in Australia. A quote from a participating parent captures the importance of this event:

“It was comforting to be around families that understand IBD. It was such a joyful day with no judgement, but what we really liked the most was that our son got to see for himself that kids with Crohn’s look like regular kids, up until then he felt different and isolated.”

Kids Fun Day is for children (12 and under) living with Crohn’s disease or colitis and their families. It involves activities for the children and their siblings, as well as an information session for parents, led by health professionals. In 2019 the venue was Sydney Wildlife Zoo and similar suitable locations will be identified in other capital cities. Other youth events available do not cater for children this young or support them in a non-threatening nurturing family and community environment.

If you’re interested in attending a Kids Fun Day in the future, please contact us via email – [email protected].

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