Improving IBD care across Australia begins with raising awareness of the condition

85,000 Australians – 1 in 250 – are affected by the disease.
IBD is becoming more prevalent, more complex and more severe, and being diagnosed more and more often in very young children
Yet it remains a largely hidden disease

Your voice can make a difference

Become a Community Champion

CCA needs you
Are you affected by Crohn’s or colitis and passionate about raising awareness amongst federal politicians of the issues faced by people with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)?

Become a Community Champion and make a difference to the IBD community.

What do Community Champions do?

Community Champions raise awareness of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) by creating relationships with their local MP and work toward acknowledgement of IBD as a chronic illness that needs to be highlighted in the government’s health agenda.

In addition to lobbying local MP’s, the Community Champions are also encouraged to seek opportunities in the business community to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by presenting to organisations and service clubs, using a pre-approved Community Champions presentation. CCA supports our Community Champions with all the information they require and guidance to feel confident in their role.

History of the ‘Community Champions’ program

Bernie Ripoll MP, former co-chair of the Crohn’s & Colitis Parliamentary group, proposed the concept of a CCA Community Champions task force, with the mission of engaging as many politicians as possible in supporting Crohn’s & Colitis Australia.

The aim is to find a ‘champion’ (a person who is a member of CCA and either has or is connected to someone with an IBD) who is passionate about raising awareness of IBD, in every federal electorate.

To learn more about the Community Champions program, contact CCA via email [email protected] or call 03 9815 1266 (option 4) during business hours AEST.


Ambassadors use their proven media profile to increase visibility of IBD and raise awareness of the challenges experienced by people living with the condition. This program is tailored for individuals with a significant media following who wish to help us raise CCA’s public profile.

To make an enquiry about becoming an ambassador, contact CCA via email [email protected] or call 03 9815 1266 (option 4) during business hours AEST.