Spiced Chicken Burger

By Aaron Sanders – Live Fearless Champion and Fearless Foodie 

This is my delicious spiced chicken burger and a great mid-week refuel as it’s fast, cheap and healthy! Plus, who doesn’t love a burger! 


  • 4 chicken thighs  
  • Garlic powder  
  • Onion powder  
  • Smoked paprika   
  • Ground turmeric   
  • Ground clove  
  • Ground ginger  
  • Ground cinnamon   
  • Salt and pepper  
  • 4 burger buns  
  • Lettuce  
  • Tomato  
  • Cheese (I like to use burger cheese, but your choice)   
  • Basil   
  • Pineapple rings in juice (not syrup)  
  • Mayo (or use the homemade recipe base)  

As always: if any of these ingredients are flare foods for you, please omit them or replace them with an alternative item. 

Prep Time

10-15 minutes  

Cooking Time

45-55 minutes




  1. In a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, ground turmeric, salt and pepper, followed by half a teaspoon of ground clove, ground ginger and ground cinnamon.  
  1. Mix together and sprinkle generously over the chicken thighs making sure they are completely coated. Set the chicken aside for 20 mins.  
  1. Add 1 cup of basil leaves to plain mayo and blitz with a stick blender until basil leaves are combined. If the mayo is too thick add a bit of pineapple juice.  
  1. Prepare the remaining condiments, i.e. shred the lettuce, slice the tomato, avocado, cheese and drain the pineapple from juices (please don’t buy in syrup). 
  1. To cook the chicken, in medium heat pan, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then lay your thigh fillets in the pan, they should sizzle as they touch. If they don’t, you need more heat.   
  1. *Optional but recommend* Cover the chicken with baking paper and place a heavy pot on top of the chicken, this will help create a nice crispy edge.  
  1. Cook the chicken for 6 minutes each side, turn off the heat and let chicken rest while you toast the buns.   
  1. If not pre-cut, cut the buns in half and in a clean dry pan, on medium heat toast the cut side until golden brown. Remove to assemble.   

My go to assembly order

Enjoy on its own or with some crispy sweet potato wedges! 

About the Author

Our new Fearless Foodie contributor and CCA ambassador, Aaron Sanders. Aaron was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2012, after being misdiagnosed with a parasite and has managed his condition via infusions ever since. He is a passionate foodie and competed in Season 13 of MasterChef Australia. Aaron is using his social media platform to spread awareness for this invisible disease that affects so many. As a CCA ambassador, Aaron is excited to create different recipes and share food ideas with the Crohn’s and colitis community.