Amaretto Sour mocktail


  • Juice and zest of ½ a lemon 
  • ½ cup of peach juice  
  • ¼ cup of aquafaba (chickpea water)  
  • ¼ cup of cherry juice 
  • 2 teaspoons of almond extract 
  • 5 ice cubes 
  • Cherries and lemon juice to serve: 

As always: if any of these ingredients are flare foods for you, please omit them or replace them with an alternative item. 

Prep Time

3-5 minutes  

Cooking Time

30-seconds to 1 minute


  1. Mix together in a cocktail shaker for 10-15 seconds. 
  2. Serve in a cold glass with cherries and a lemon slice on top.