Have your new years resolutions… slipped? Or never got off the ground?

By Gemma Reeves, APD BND BSc (FoodScNut) Health Coach

As we gaze at the fireworks in the sky, dream about the year that was and the year to come, make a resolution (or twelve!), it can bring a sense of hope for the coming year. We hope the calendar will tick over to a fresh chapter and we will magically make better choices.

While this is poetic and can create a sense of drive in us momentarily, some goals may be so big that by the time February rolls round, resolve and habits are slipping. Perhaps changes were never made.

If you can relate to this, know it’s common and try breaking your goal down into small behaviours. We need these small changes to underpin our regular habits, to edge us towards our medium and long-term goals.

Some steps to try:

e.g. I will walk for 20 minutes, two days per week on Mon and Thurs, straight after work with my work friend, starting on Monday 5th Feb 2024. I will track my progress via my fitness app. Furthermore, on Mondays only, I will swap my afternoon (slump) chocolate for some peanut butter on my favourite crackers, commencing Monday 12th Feb 2024.

e.g. Chat to your spouse about freeing up time for the behaviour.