Key findings from IBD and diet research

In 2023, University of Wollongong PhD student Chiara Miglioretto and her supervisors Prof. Kelly Lambert and Prof. Eleanor Beck, completed research into the dietary information needs of people living with IBD, with help from CCA for participants’ recruitment. The findings are now being published and key insights are informing the development of a patient-centred communication aid tool

Key learnings from the study were:

1. The journey of IBD can be lonely, cyclical and fraught with uncertainty.

2. Manipulating the diet provides a sense of control, although it may sacrifice quality of life.

3. Questions about food and eating vary according to the stage of a person’s IBD.

4. Lack of nutrition guidance at time of diagnosis partly influences information seeking and the diet changes made.

The findings from this research support calls in the Australian IBD standards for care that is holistic and includes routine referral to credentialed dietitians for dietary guidance.

The study can be accessed here.