CCA CEO Joins EFCCA Roundtable discussion in Mexico City

Source: The European Federation of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Association.

This year, the central theme for World IBD Day was “IBD Has No Borders,” emphasising the global nature of IBD and the need for collective action. EFCCA – the European Federation of Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Associations – organised a roundtable discussion on May 17 in Mexico City, titled “Uniting for access to IBD care.” 

The roundtable was launched by EFCCA Chairperson Salvo Leone and Beatriz Capdevielle from Vivir con Crohn y CUCI A. C., with keynote presentations by Prof. Dr. Britta Siegmund (ECCO President) and Prof. Claudio Fiocchi (Cleveland Clinic, US). It also featured a comprehensive panel discussion with leaders and stakeholders from Australia, Brazil, Canada and the US, with the aim of addressing barriers to quality IBD care, and advocating for increased awareness, support and resources. The shared goal was to formulate a set of shared recommendations aimed at improving the situation for IBD patients globally.

Representing Crohn’s and Colitis Australia at EFCCA’s roundtable, CEO Leanne Raven said: “on #WorldIBDDay 2024, we have begun a new path of connected voices to advocate for a cure for IBD as IBD has no borders.”

“We all have common understandings of the impact of these complex chronic conditions and, even though we speak with different languages, we have similar unmet needs and priorities and a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other,” she added.

The event marked a significant step towards uniting efforts globally to improve access to IBD care.