Australian IBD Standards


CCA together with the key learned bodies in IBD healthcare in Australia and people living with IBD has developed the Australian IBD StandardsStandards of healthcare for people with inflammatory bowel disease in Australia. 

The standards specify nationally consistent expectations of IBD care for hospitals, healthcare professionals, IBD stakeholders and people living with IBD.  Ultimately, they aim to improve the safety and quality of care for people with IBD.

The CCA Quality of Care Steering Committee was responsible for the development of the Australian IBD Standards and drew on the considerable work undertaken by the IBD Standards Group in the United Kingdom. Through input from the main IBD stakeholders and people with IBD, the committee adapted the UK standards for the Australian population and healthcare system.

First released in October 2015, the Interim Australian IBD Standards were published for public and professional feedback, and trialled through the IBD Audit. The standards were revised by the committee and published as the multidisciplinary endorsed Australian IBD Standards 2016.

If you would like to provide feedback on any aspect of the standards please contact us.