Membership renewal options

On this page, you can choose your type and length of membership to renew. If you’re not already a member, please use this page instead.

Scroll down and view the options to select your membership. For a reminder of the range of benefits available to you as a CCA member, click the button below.

What our members say

“It’s great to see stories of others managing their condition through the magazine, and to get updates on emerging research”

How much does renewing cost?

The standard cost of membership is $45 per year, with a concession rate of $27 per year available to those who hold a concession entitlement. Choose your duration – one, two, three or five years – with discounts available for three and five year memberships.

BEFORE YOU RENEW: Make sure you check your current membership type and expiry by checking on your dashboard.

Standard $45

Concession $27

Standard $90

Concession $54

Standard $120

Concession $75

Standard $200

Concession $125

To qualify as a concession member, you must hold a government-recognised pension (any type of card appearing on this list), be a tertiary student (TAFE/University), or be aged under 18 years