Jasmine’s Story

I was diagnosed with acute severe ulcerative colitis when I was 19 after a month or so of sudden and severe symptoms. After being unable to wait any longer for a gastroenterologist appointment due to sudden intense pain and decreased quality of life, I had to be hospitalised after presenting to the emergency department.

Shortly after diagnosis, I was put on immunosuppressant and biological drugs during my hospital stay in an attempt to control my severe active disease. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, these drugs failed to work, and my disease failed to respond to medication. This left me with the last option of surgery to remove my colon due to the alarming risk of colon perforation, sepsis and possibly worse, due to uncontrolled, acutely severe disease.

After the initial shock of my diagnosis and subsequent surgery settled, I found a new love for my life and new gratitude for everything within it. I have since had another two surgeries to create my J-pouch. My IBD experience is not a traditional one, but it has made me stronger with a newfound appreciation to be in remission, even if surgery was required for me to get there. I live a great life; I work, study at University, and do all the normal things someone in their 20’s would do. I am passionate about improving the psychological support systems for patients who may be going through similar crises as I did and hope to take this further into a future career. My J pouch nor IBD does not hold me back, ever!

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