Inspiring others and raising awareness: Tahlia’s story

Tahlia and former West Coast Eagles AFL star Josh Kennedy

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 21 during the COVID pandemic after having symptoms of tiredness, diarrhea and multiple flare ups.

Since my diagnosis I have trialled many different treatments and medicines which have included prednisolone, pentasa, mercaptopurine and Vedalizamab. I am now on Infliximab infusions which I have every six weeks at my local hospital which has now put me in remission along with my other medicines.

I also have to have yearly colonoscopy to see how I am progressing with this disease, and have a great support network which includes family, friends, nurses and doctors.

When I am in a flare up I cannot leave home which makes me feel frustrated and isolated from family and friends. I had to find an alternative for work, so I started working from home.

When my flare up is under control, I am able to do some volunteer work and am able to go in to work. I also like to try and exercise and catch up with friends.

I am hoping my story will inspire others and raise awareness for this disease.

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