Jason Brennan achieved outstanding success in this year’s Live Fearless Challenge. Here he shares a few tips on how he did it

The main reason why I decided to participate in the Live Fearless Challenge was to raise awareness about Crohn’s and colitis. My health issues have never been a secret, but as a typical bloke, sometimes these things can be difficult to talk about and don’t normally come up in general conversation.

The fundraising was a great way to get people talking and it was very surprising how many people had been or knew of someone affected by IBD. It was great to raise awareness and let people know that they are not alone and that there is always support available. I managed to run every day and clocked up 169km for the month of September. It was hard on the legs not having a rest day, but the hardest thing was fitting a 5km run into an already very busy work and life schedule. My wife and I had recently added a third child to the mix in July, so our lives were still adjusting to having the new baby in the house. I cannot thank my beautiful wife Linda and kids (Lily 12, Tate 9 and Mila 3 months) enough for their amazing support during this challenge!

My friends and family are absolute superstars, which made the fundraising so successful. I had a lot of support from my family, but the Kalgoorlie community is an amazing place that always supports a good cause. Whether it be through work networks or local sporting groups, the Goldfields is always digging deep to help.

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