Love, acceptance, resilience: Magnolia and Emma’s story

From an interview with Magnolia’s mum, Emma, in 2023

It’s been a difficult journey for my darling girl Magnolia. First came tiredness and low energy, then the pale skin, dark colour under the eyes, then low-spirited mood and tummy pains. All of these things quietly crept into our lives, sneaking up on us. 
I knew to my core something was not right. Our brilliant GP suggested anxiety? More fibre? Low iron? I knew it was something more and he listened! He escalated testing very quickly, and after all the testing and specialist appointments, we started a huge journey with our daughter being diagnosed with acute Crohn’s disease. 
As we navigate this lifetime diagnosis: her medical appointments, medical treatment, natural therapies, missing school, affecting sport, friendships etc, the worst thing was to see her sad and in pain. Morning and nights are the worst. Some days she needs full bed rest and she can’t do what she would normally do. But she is resilient, unbelievably so!  When she is up and about and distracted by her love of her family & friends and school, she is happy! 

This has been a tricky faze and for me occasionally it’s been so overwhelming I don’t want to leave the house. But we just pull ourselves together and just get on with it. 
I am on a serious journey of acceptance and its hard. Why her, this isn’t fair! I am not sharing this for sympathy. Rather, promoting empathy is the key. 
We will get through this. Everyone has heartbreak, and everyone at different times is showing up but falling apart inside, so I just wanted to remind everyone to be kind. Be kind to yourself and others.
We’re taking one day at a time and celebrating the little things!

Thank you to our precious friends and dear family. 

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