Ruby’s story

In 2018 I was very sick. I wasn’t growing nor putting on weight, I had the worst cramps I had ever experienced and had stomach problems. I was taken to the hospital two times before they decided to take action.

I was taken to a specialist where they decided to try a colonoscopy. I was still in a lot of pain when being diagnosed and wondered if it would ever stop. My first colonoscopy failed which meant I needed to do a second one at PCH.

After my colonoscopy I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I was put on a liquid diet for two months and once that was over I got put on my first medication.

After a year, my condition wasn’t improving, so I changed to a new one. That went well, until it didn’t. The third medication was the most successful and I was on it for four years, but I developed psoriasis so we had to swap again to the one I am currently on.

The medication I am currently on is supposed to help psoriasis and Crohn’s disease. But after a year, we found out that medication wasn’t working either.

We are now looking at doing a clinical trial to help others get the medication they need, and to also hopefully find a medication that will work for a while.

I’m only 15.

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