‘Have hope’: North Melbourne footballer Bella Eddey on managing her Crohn’s disease

‘Have hope’: North Melbourne footballer Bella Eddey on managing her Crohn’s disease If someone had have told North Melbourne AFLW…

IBD Information Forum this May

On Tuesday 2nd May at 7:30pm (Melbourne time), CCA will host a live streamed information forum. Hosted by CCA Ambassador…

IBD Information Forum this December

On Tuesday 6th December at 7pm (Melbourne time), CCA will host a live streamed Forum focused on Paediatric IBD. Hosted by…

 Spreading the word in Tasmania  

Spreading the word in Tasmania   Local Champion, Melita Griffin, campaigned for the appointment of an IBD nurse at the Royal…

How to best support an exercise routine with IBD

Having an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease, has its challenges. Many of the challenges may be more physical, such as bowel may be more physical, such as bowel discomfort and urgency, lack of appetite, and general malaise and fatigue.

IBD And Body Image

fe with IBD can often mean a constantly changing body. From weight change due to medication or flare ups, to surgery scars, to side effects that you never could have anticipated, the way you relate to your body can be intimately tied to your diagnosis.

Fitness With Crohn’s or Colitis

If you are in the middle of a flare-up or hit by a wave of fatigue, exercising might be the last thing you feel like doing.

Dealing With Fatigue

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and your day has been like any other – working, studying, meeting friends, spending time with your family – when that all-too-familiar wave of exhaustion washes over you.

The Spoon Theory – Explaining IBD

Finding a way to explain a chronic illness to people can be a frustrating process. From the outside, you can look perfectly healthy as you get on with your daily tasks, or be laughing along with everyone else.

How Can I Help

A few ways to make a loved one with IBD feel safe and supported

Sleep & IBD disease activity

You may notice that as stress increases in your life, so does your disease activity, or vice-versa: an increase in disease activity can lead to more stress.

How Greg Hunt MP Announces $2 million towards Implementation Of IBD National Action Plan 2019

Greg Hunt MP that the Commonwealth Government will invest $2 million in the implementation of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) National Action Plan.