Home parenteral nutrition

Psychological factors and wellbeing, quality of line and line care

Researchers at Cardiff University, Wales are examining psychological factors that may be associated with wellbeing, quality of life and line care amongst people who receive home parenteral nutrition (HPN). It is hoped that this study will help us understand more about the impact of these psychological factors, and in doing so, better understand what kind of support might benefit the mental wellbeing of people receiving HPN.

Who can participate? We are inviting individuals who are 18 years or older and currently on home parenteral nutrition (HPN) to participate in an international, online survey.

What will it involve? If you would like to take part, this will involve answering some questions that ask about your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and experiences. There will also be some questions asking you about your line care and whether you have had any line infections. The survey should take no longer than approximately 20-25 minutes.

The researchers would like to thank you in advance for your participation. Your responses are highly valued and will help us to understand more about what contributes to people’s wellbeing, quality of life and line care behaviours when receiving HPN.

Please note that no personal identifiable information will be collected, and therefore responses are anonymous. All responses will be reported as part of a total data set, not individually.