The clinical trial for people with perianal fistulising Crohn’s disease!

Crohn’s disease can be complicated by fistulas around the anal area, known as perianal fistulising Crohn’s disease. This can lead to severe pain, loss of bowel control, and a decreased quality of life. The main treatment for this condition is the medication infliximab, which is given at a standard fixed dose. However, some patients require higher infliximab drug levels to achieve fistula healing. These higher drug levels may not always be possible with standard dosing but can be achieved with individualised infliximab dosing.

The PROACTIVE trial is an Australian study that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of individualised infliximab dosing in patients with perianal fistulising Crohn’s disease. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive either standard fixed dosing or individualised dosing. As there are limited alternative treatments available for perianal fistulising Crohn’s disease, this trial has the potential to improve fistula healing and quality of life for patients with this challenging condition.

The trial is being led by experts from Liverpool Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, with participation from multiple hospitals nationwide. Patients who are 18 years or older, have a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease with a perianal fistula, and are looking to start infliximab may be eligible to participate.

Patients who are interested in the trial can contact their treating gastroenterologist for a referral to PROACTIVE at [email protected]