Is Crohn’s disease considered an autoimmune disease?

Whether Crohn’s can be considered an autoimmune disease remains unclear.

Glial cells crucial to maintaining healthy gut immunity

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute have uncovered a fundamental role of glial cells in the nervous system of the gut in maintaining a healthy intestine.

What To Do When Stuck In The Bathroom

Those of us living with Crohn’s or colitis are more than familiar with spending too much time in the bathroom. But the upside is we have so much extra time for activities!

Study shows diet has ‘underappreciated role’ in treating ulcerative colitis

Patients with ulcerative colitis following a novel diet achieved higher clinical remission and mucosal healing compared with patients who received a single donor fecal transplantation, with or without diet, according to a study.

National health literacy programme for people living with IBD

The aim of the CCA IBD project is to implement the Optimising Health Literacy and Access (Ophelia) process over 3 years to collaboratively codesign ways to improve delivery of information, services and resources for people with IBD and their carers.