New dietary information

New website information is now available on diet and IBD.

You will find information on a range of topics including anaemia, bone health, exclusive enteral nutrition, managing a high stoma output and frequently asked dietary questions!

Anaemia in IBD 

Learn about the types of anaemia experienced by people with IBD, why iron, vitamin B12 and folate are important, how to manage anaemia with IBD, and how to increase vitamin absorption.

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Optimising bone health in IBD

Find out why bone health is important, about osteoporosis and IBD, and how much calcium, vitamin D and protein is needed!

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Exclusive Enteral Nutrition in Crohn’s disease

Information about what Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN) is, support on EEN therapy, and EEN frequently asked questions.

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Managing a high stoma output

You will find information on how much output you should expect from your stoma, why it might be higher than a typical output, how to reduce stoma output to a usual volume, and what oral rehydration solutions are.

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Eating Well When Feeling Unwell with IBD

Tips on how you can improve your nutrition, whilst not feeling or eating well.

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Frequently asked dietary questions in IBD

Common questions dietitians receive about diet and IBD have been answered! For example, is there a particular diet you should follow with IBD? Or are there particular foods you should avoid to manage your IBD?

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These resources have been developed by the Dietitian Crohn’s Colitis Australian Network (DECCAN) to provide general dietary information in IBD.

Keep an eye out for more dietary resources that will be available soon!   

Find an IBD Dietitian

For individualised nutrition advice ask your IBD team about seeing an IBD dietitian or find one at: