Gluten intake not linked with IBD risk

Researchers have found an unexpected synergy between a T-cell stimulatory protein — the ICOS ligand — and interleukin-10, an immunoregulatory cytokine, to prevent inflammatory bowel disease in mice.

The gut microbiota and inflammation: An overview

The understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the human gut bacteria and the overall functioning of the body has significantly deepened and broadened, with acceleration in research output concerning this area.

Sleep & IBD disease activity

You may notice that as stress increases in your life, so does your disease activity, or vice-versa: an increase in disease activity can lead to more stress.

New research gives voice to IBD patients

More and more young people are being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and lack access to multi-disciplinary IBD care, reveals the first-ever IBD patient experience research.