Crohn's disease

Scott Waterhouse

Canadian - born Scott Waterhouse shares his experiences about living with a chronic illness in another country.

Savvas Giannakakis

It took Savvas Giannakakis 10 years to come to terms with being diagnosed with IBD. Here he shares his experiences of living with Crohn’s disease as a young male and its impact on his personal and professional life.

Renee Wickson

Being diagnosed with IBD can be a complicated process. Throw in a foreign language and the journey can take a few unexpected turns, as Queensland’s Renee Wickson discovered.

Rebecca Thorpe

Travelling in a new direction. It wasn’t the gift she had been wishing for, but Rebecca Thorpe has quickly managed to adapt to a new way of living with IBD.

Patricia Poole

Patricia Poole felt as if her life were grinding to a halt, until she decided to get her life back on track, literally.


I was first diagnosed with Crohns Disease when I was 19 years old, although, looking back; I had bowel issues long before then.

Natalie Whelan

In July 2012 I started getting sick. I thought it was a dietary thing and went to see a naturopath


About a year and a bit ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After getting awful stomach cramps I took my self to the emergency room and waited for the news

Michael Borg

Growing up I always had abdominal pains and was always running to the toilet. As I’ve always been a bigger guy the doctors said it must be my diet, but my diet wasn’t that bad

Mel Ifield

Balancing Act. Mel Ifield refused to give in to her illness, until her body told her otherwise. Here she writes about her relief after her decision to come out of “the bathroom”.

Meg Nicoll

Despite enduring some hard times, Meg Nicoll has put her experiences to good use by helping others on their IBD journey. 

Luke Escombe

Musician, song-writer, entertainer and comedian Luke Escombe, a CCA Ambassador, talks about living with Crohn’s Disease.